Grip-A-Sock – Various Styles Non-Patterned


Sometimes an outfit doesn’t need any flash or style. Sometimes the best thing that you can get is a solid accent color to really help pull it all together. To help you never lose a sock again you’ll receive one of our various, non-patterned style Grip-A-Socks with your order.

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Wittle Britches Grip-A-Sock™ is what every new mom and baby boy need in their life, and at just $9.99 there’s nothing better than putting your baby’s sock on and knowing that, at the end of the day, the sock will still be there. Our patent-pending technology ensures that your baby can’t remove their socks, no matter how hard they try. The soft fleece inset ensures comfort when wearing the Grip-A-Sock and, unlike other products, you can still put on shoes with the Grip-A-Sock.

Wittle Britches Grip-A-Sock™ ensures that baby isn’t hindered by our product in their daily lives, outside of not being able to drop socks off like breadcrumbs. Your baby can wear shoes, learn to walk, crawl, scream, pitch a fit or whatever else they feel like doing throughout the day with no issues.

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Weight 1 lbs

Large (1-3 Years), Small (0-1 Year)


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